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Tag: Virtual CIO

WPC 2013 Logo

WPC 2013 Insider Perspective

WPC is the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, which actually started annually in 1997.  This year was in Houston on July 7-11 with over 16,000 attendees and a focus on big data, […]

Technology Question Session

Questions Customers Should Really Ask

I can quickly tell when a prospect is serious and a good fit. You judge by the questions. It’s tough for customers as most potential vendors they see have no differentiating […]

Office Monkey

Disruptive One Year Contracts

I haven’t found that guy yet. He must be a slick Jerry Maguire type. Instead, maybe it’s a woman like the oracle character from the Matrix, who just “knows” what is […]

Robot Fighting Image

Technocrats Protect Yourself at All Times

Million Dollar Baby is one of my favorite movies. It’s definitely not one of those feel good flicks, but you are reminded of many life lessons, including protecting yourself at […]

Technology Cost Display

Technology Costs Rise Over Time

There’s a popular myth perpetuating that the price of technology goes down over time. You can even hear it on Sirius from Paycom about how their technology is better and […]

No commitment graphic

No Contract No Commitment

No contract, no commitment is a business reality that means if there is no agreement then you should expect nothing. You read that right and let it sink in. We often […]

Blog Schedule

Blog Once a Week

Mileage and situations may vary, but generally you want to blog once a week: No one wants a daily update in their inbox or RSS feed. Daily posts are annoying […]

Registered Trademark

Trademark Skinny

From time to time, clients ask about getting trademarks like Matrixforce. Here’s the short version: Be unique. Common words, sayings, or symbols will not be registered and there are no […]

Blog or get washed away

Your Competition Doesn’t Blog

It’s still surprising to me that in almost every business sector, few business-to-business organizations blog. There are many blogs in the technology industry, but virtually none of the dozens of my state […]