Winter Ready

One day in late October, the day ended at 91 and then just like that the next morning it was freezing and the high was in the 50’s. Then the Northeast […]

Dead Zero

Here are two contrasting stories of network security for National Security Month. What follows, does not depict real events or persons.  In the business world, corporate data is protected by two separate, […]

washing machine

Washing Machine Syndrome

At some point in your life, it happens. The washing machine stops spinning out or simply dies. What a major inconvenience to have wet and soapy clothes. You may have to […]

Microsoft Endures

You can almost feel the pendulum swinging back from so, so far left – whether it is politics or religion and definitely technology. I often wonder where we would be today […]

Lessons Learned

In technology, you better be willing to accept change and leverage experience. A potential client recently asked about my background and when hearing I had a Management information Systems degree from 1989 […]

Google Journey

Recently, a few prospects and clients have asked what I pay to rank highly in Google. The answer is virtually nothing in dollars, but a great deal in  time, effort, […]


Flat Cost Versus Billable Hours

We Sooners are known for first to fight or aid for wars and disasters. Given the auspicious start for our state, we’re also a bold and stubborn lot that unfortunately […]

IT Spring Forward

Back to the future in the late 80’s, I started with a company that did automatic identification (bar coding) and data collection for Fortune 500 manufacturers and distributors. At that […]

March Madness

IT Consulting Madness

Over half of IT personnel say they want to own their own consulting business some day. Many of those optimistic souls also absurdly believe they should start when the economy […]

Love Your IT Picture

Love Your IT

It’s February and although Valentine’s Day is coming soon, the cold weather just tends to make some people more callous. There is an increasing and disturbing trend that it is […]