IT Firms Make Less on Cloud

Many of my peers often ask if they should get into cloud computing. I generally tell them a flat “no” with an explanation that they’ll make less money, a totally different […]

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Network Administrator Pay

***Updated for 2015 Most Oklahoma employers and technology employees are out of touch with current technology trends or changes in required staffing and associated compensation. The trend is fewer IT […]

Disaster Drills

How often do you try out your disaster plan? If you’re a small or medium business, the default answer is “what plan?” or “we’ll find out when it happens”. The […]

Backward Thought

It’s a tough time to be in the Information Technology industry. Innovation from major players like Apple, Microsoft, and Google are causing major business disruption throughout the world, not to […]

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Publicizing Your Blog

There are those that can write and those that simply shoot themselves in the foot by re-posting some content from other sources as the “I’ve got a blog too” crowd. Now […]

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Email Templates Are Waste of Time

And no, this is not an April Fools’ joke. A few months ago, I received a newsletter from a prominent sales guru, Jeffrey Gitomer. The title was “Your E-mails Suck!”. […]

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Control Your Destiny

Seriously? Again? So how long were sales people not able to use the system and e-mail was down and people thought you went out of business because the website wasn’t […]

Web 2012

Every organization needs a website. However, the days of a 10 page site are over. Your website should be useful for customers and enticing for prospects. Maybe it’s time for a makeover? […]

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Is this year going to be better than last year? I can already say yes, but can you? The reason is the elimination of several bottlenecks in our business. It […]


10 Tips for LinkedIn Ranking

Why is your Virtual CIO telling management and staff about LinkedIn? Because LinkedIn is not the business version of Facebook to post your resume, it’s a business search engine to […]