Preventing Business Piracy

Let’s be clear. Like any crime, if someone wants to steal from you or attack you or your assets, they will. Your only solace is knowledge to use prudent controls and […]

Building Credibility

No, we’re not talking about low self-esteem issues. Building credibility means establishing a reputation for customers to buy or an audience to believe. It’s not an endeavor to take lightly and those […]

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Remove IT Conflict

Your IT Department likely has contempt for you or best case is just indifferent. The reason why is that any feedback you give is negative and what measurements do you […]

Don’t Lose a Quarter

It’s year-end and time to reflect on your performance. When I ask most people how they measure IT, there is always either a blank stare or a 15 minute Obama-like answer. […]

Kevin Fream Divergent Entrepreneur

Divergent Entrepreneur Without Selling Fear

Usual Approach to Business and Technology is Flawed As the Divergent Entrepreneur, the “common” approach toward business and technology is horribly broken. That’s why I invented the patent-pending Delta Method […]

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Cyberist: Information Technology Professional

In February 2001, after much frustration and language study I coined the term Cyberist, a qualified practitioner of information technology. Technology runs the world and is broader than the fields […]