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Technology Question Session

Questions Customers Should Really Ask

I can quickly tell when a prospect is serious and a good fit. You judge by the questions. It’s tough for customers as most potential vendors they see have no differentiating […]

SharePoint 2013 logo

SharePoint Online Prevents Employee Theft

It’s a regular occurrence. Before leaving, the ex-salesman copied the customer list spreadsheet and sales pipeline. A key employee took off with major contracts. Somehow most employees know how much management makes. […]

Blog or get washed away

Your Competition Doesn’t Blog

It’s still surprising to me that in almost every business sector, few business-to-business organizations blog. There are many blogs in the technology industry, but virtually none of the dozens of my state […]

Email Rules

Email Paradigm Shift

Yesterday the U.S. Post Office officially announced there would be no more Saturday delivery. Today, I’m announcing the slow demise of e-mail too. There have been numerous recent articles that half of our work […]