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Testimonials Are Contrived

Meaningless Noise ImageMost marketing folks will tell you to have customer testimonials on your website, but testimonials have little value. How many news articles do you have to see about fake reviews? Some marketers counter this question with things like transparency – having a photo or video and the person’s full name and phone number.

The problem is it’s just another commercial. What did you have to offer the customer for their time? You’re driving the message that is not at all genuine. Besides the shelf life of a testimonial is a year or less, after all the effort to identify customers, get permission, and publish. Total transparency just exposes that customer for every sales person on the planet.

“I lost 20 pounds in 3 days using …” See? Just more noise. You tuned out almost instantly. When someone puts their name next to that statement, they are just the sales representative.

If you want to add value and credibility:

  1. Have more than one page about what you do.
  2. Offer a white paper.
  3. Provide a cost comparison.
  4. Publish a video about your offering.
  5. Give Do’s and Don’ts.
  6. Debunk myths.
  7. Answer the questions customers don’t ask, but should.
  8. Give away some helpful hints.
  9. Tell how to get help.
  10. Look at the competition and don’t say the same things.

If you do just a few of the things above, you’ve engaged new and existing customers who appreciate not having to gloss over meaningless testimonials.

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