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Category: Virtual CIO

Know Requirements

The most common mistake made in IT is not knowing the requirements to implement technology. However, the real problem usually starts with not understanding business needs and/or having some kind of staunch […]

Preventing Business Piracy

Let’s be clear. Like any crime, if someone wants to steal from you or attack you or your assets, they will. Your only solace is knowledge to use prudent controls and […]

Don’t Lose a Quarter

It’s year-end and time to reflect on your performance. When I ask most people how they measure IT, there is always either a blank stare or a 15 minute Obama-like answer. […]

Kevin Fream Harvard Featured Speaker

Cyberist: Information Technology Professional

In February 2001, after much frustration and language study I coined the term Cyberist, a qualified practitioner of information technology. Technology runs the world and is broader than the fields […]