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Category: Virtual CIO

Google Journey

Recently, a few prospects and clients have asked what I pay to rank highly in Google. The answer is virtually nothing in dollars, but a great deal in  time, effort, […]

IT Spring Forward

Back to the future in the late 80’s, I started with a company that did automatic identification (bar coding) and data collection for Fortune 500 manufacturers and distributors. At that […]

Love Your IT Picture

Love Your IT

It’s February and although Valentine’s Day is coming soon, the cold weather just tends to make some people more callous. There is an increasing and disturbing trend that it is […]

Annual Scorecard

Have you done your annual scorecard for management yet? Usually when asking most IT professionals this question in December, there is a puzzled or amused look in response. From there the conversation turns […]

SmartPhone Wars

The memory of the general public is so short. Let’s go back to 2003 when Windows Mobile took the market and nearly ran Blackberry out of business. Remember there was […]

Practical Network Security

October is National Security Month and while not a sexy topic, network security does include ample intrigue, betrayal, and high emotion. Unfortunately, no one cares about security UNTIL something happens, but savvy […]

Directions on Microsoft

Microsoft is coming off their biggest year ever and just had the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in mid-July to kick-off a new fiscal year. The message was primarily 3 fold:  […]

E-mail Kills Business

I like to call e-mail the fax of the 90’s. You don’t know if it was delivered or read and have little or no expectation of a response. Worst of […]

IT Does Matter

The premise of the 2003 Nicholas Carr book “Does IT Matter?” was that you could no longer achieve competitive advantage from technology. Fast forward to 2010 and you can  positively […]

Know Requirements

The most common mistake made in IT is not knowing the requirements to implement technology. However, the real problem usually starts with not understanding business needs and/or having some kind of staunch […]

Preventing Business Piracy

Let’s be clear. Like any crime, if someone wants to steal from you or attack you or your assets, they will. Your only solace is knowledge to use prudent controls and […]

Don’t Lose a Quarter

It’s year-end and time to reflect on your performance. When I ask most people how they measure IT, there is always either a blank stare or a 15 minute Obama-like answer. […]

Kevin Fream Harvard Featured Speaker

Cyberist: Information Technology Professional

In February 2001, after much frustration and language study I coined the term Cyberist, a qualified practitioner of information technology. Technology runs the world and is broader than the fields […]