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Category: Virtual CIO

Fundamental Pyramid

Testing is Fundamental

Testing is the fundamental difference between good support and terrible customer experiences. Everyone has that family member or friend who are so gullible. In technology, you have to teach not blindly […]

WPC 2013 Logo

WPC 2013 Insider Perspective

WPC is the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, which actually started annually in 1997.  This year was in Houston on July 7-11 with over 16,000 attendees and a focus on big data, […]

Robot Fighting Image

Technocrats Protect Yourself at All Times

Million Dollar Baby is one of my favorite movies. It’s definitely not one of those feel good flicks, but you are reminded of many life lessons, including protecting yourself at […]

SharePoint 2013 logo

SharePoint Online Prevents Employee Theft

It’s a regular occurrence. Before leaving, the ex-salesman copied the customer list spreadsheet and sales pipeline. A key employee took off with major contracts. Somehow most employees know how much management makes. […]

Registered Trademark

Trademark Skinny

From time to time, clients ask about getting trademarks like Matrixforce. Here’s the short version: Be unique. Common words, sayings, or symbols will not be registered and there are no […]

Eddie Obeng

After Midnight Recommendations

I stumbled across Eddie Obeng from a Technology Entertainment Design (TED) recorded presentation posted on LinkedIn. I’m always looking for new business ideas and evaluating presentation styles. After all, it’s not […]

ironic face

Ironic Belligerent Service Requests

These scenarios are fictional: A woman goes to the doctor. As soon as the doctor walks into the room, she immediately says “I’m deathly ill again. Can’t you do anything […]

Email Rules

Email Paradigm Shift

Yesterday the U.S. Post Office officially announced there would be no more Saturday delivery. Today, I’m announcing the slow demise of e-mail too. There have been numerous recent articles that half of our work […]

Java Logo Gray on Black Background

Java Fades to Oblivion

CNN didn’t really scoop too many people already in the know on January 11, 2013 about the problems with Java. Things for Oracle just go from bad to worse, with […]

Microsoft Jolt

Microsoft Jolts The World

This is going to sting a bit. If you’re a member of the press or provide hardware or software, then WAKE UP! You’re stuck in a 10-year-old mindset, sound like idiots, […]

Year In Review

2012 In Review has begun providing annual reports and I wanted to share the most popular posts of 2012: iPhone 5 Flop – Apple sold millions of the new device, but failed to […]

Windows 8 Logo

Windows 8 Review

I don’t get to decide just to skip an OS version, because as the expert I’m expected to know the product. Use whatever you like as I have no fight in the game […]

Umbrella Corp iPhone 6

iPhone 5 Flop

Hype is terrific, but this will be one of the first articles you read about poor iPhone 5 sales compared to expectations and sinking Apple stock. Unlike the tech rag […]

Disaster Drills

How often do you try out your disaster plan? If you’re a small or medium business, the default answer is “what plan?” or “we’ll find out when it happens”. The […]

About Image

Control Your Destiny

Seriously? Again? So how long were sales people not able to use the system and e-mail was down and people thought you went out of business because the website wasn’t […]

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Is this year going to be better than last year? I can already say yes, but can you? The reason is the elimination of several bottlenecks in our business. It […]