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Category: Staffing

Improve Worth

Improve Your Worth in 2013

In mid January, James Altucher wrote a post for TechCrunch titled “10 Reasons Why 2013 Will Be the Year You Quit Your Job“. It was a tug at the hearts of […]

Value Comparison

Network Administrator Pay

***Updated for 2015 Most Oklahoma employers and technology employees are out of touch with current technology trends or changes in required staffing and associated compensation. The trend is fewer IT […]

Backward Thought

It’s a tough time to be in the Information Technology industry. Innovation from major players like Apple, Microsoft, and Google are causing major business disruption throughout the world, not to […]

Lessons Learned

In technology, you better be willing to accept change and leverage experience. A potential client recently asked about my background and when hearing I had a Management information Systems degree from 1989 […]

March Madness

IT Consulting Madness

Over half of IT personnel say they want to own their own consulting business some day. Many of those optimistic souls also absurdly believe they should start when the economy […]

Hidden Truth

IT Salary Survey Bunk

The Information Technology(IT) industry is schizophrenic to say the least. There are good people making low wages and nominally skilled folks making a killing. Since January is often annual review […]

Robot Fighting Image

Remove IT Conflict

Your IT Department likely has contempt for you or best case is just indifferent. The reason why is that any feedback you give is negative and what measurements do you […]