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Category: Content Marketing

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Blog Once a Week

Mileage and situations may vary, but generally you want to blog once a week: No one wants a daily update in their inbox or RSS feed. Daily posts are annoying […]

Future Vision

Google Plus Evolution Continues

While many critics were quick to pan the service, Google Plus continues evolution with just over 300 million users. Anyone who wants their author picture to show up in search results from their […]

Blog or get washed away

Your Competition Doesn’t Blog

It’s still surprising to me that in almost every business sector, few business-to-business organizations blog. There are many blogs in the technology industry, but virtually none of the dozens of my state […]

LinkedIn Logo

Critical LinkedIn Profile Tip of 2013

A great deal has changed since publishing 10 Tips for LinkedIn Ranking at the end of 2011. While the bulk of those tips still apply, most people aren’t adding content links to […]

Defiance Season 1 2013 Syfy Poster

Defiance Social Advisor

On April 2, Defiance launches on Xbox Live and the television series premieres on Monday 9pm Eastern on April 15th on Syfy. This ground breaking event will be the first ever […]

Microsoft Expression Logo

Goodbye Microsoft Expression

1994 was when I first started playing with web pages and the forerunner FrontPage of the current Expression Web. HTML was primitive versus C or most database form generators and the look […]


Oscars Content Marketing

No I didn’t go or watch. The point is that every WEEK is your opportunity to roll out the red carpet and provide a spectacle for your prospects and customers. Traditional […]

Breaking News

Lent The Press Release Forever

Ok. Maybe lent isn’t a verb, but I see it all the time. A Google Alert pops into my inbox on some keywords of regular interest. Unfortunately, it turns out to be […]


25 Expert Principles

You just want to start writing. The problem is all this other “stuff” to learn. While you can Google a few tidbits here and there, so many concepts are foreign that you can unknowingly […]