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Category: Content Marketing

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Goodbye Microsoft Expression

1994 was when I first started playing with web pages and the forerunner FrontPage of the current Expression Web. HTML was primitive versus C or most database form generators and the look […]


Oscars Content Marketing

No I didn’t go or watch. The point is that every WEEK is your opportunity to roll out the red carpet and provide a spectacle for your prospects and customers. Traditional […]

Breaking News

Lent The Press Release Forever

Ok. Maybe lent isn’t a verb, but I see it all the time. A Google Alert pops into my inbox on some keywords of regular interest. Unfortunately, it turns out to be […]


25 Expert Principles

You just want to start writing. The problem is all this other “stuff” to learn. While you can Google a few tidbits here and there, so many concepts are foreign that you can unknowingly […]

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10 Modern About Page Tips

While About pages may be timeless, the fact remains that the presentation and approach will continue to change. Since the world didn’t end and you’ve decided to leave Vault 21, the following […]

Squid Quest

I can just imagine a lot of marketers plastering random thoughts on copy paper all over the walls like Russell Crowe in a Beautiful Mind. Maybe they are just trudging […]

Google Authorship Google Authorship

There is a metric TON of confusing search results about Google Authorship on To be crystal clear, these instructions are NOT for bloggers running your own download with […]

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First in Google is NOT the Goal

In life, your goal is spiritual enlightenment. Now that you’re startled and starting to think, being first in Google is NOT the goal of your website. The goal of your […]

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SEM Crushes Competition

Unless you’ve just recently been revived from stasis since the 50’s like Captain America, you likely know that SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. As for the competition, let’s open a can […]


Kill Web Form SPAM

Somewhere in Tehran, the terrorist sits in the dark staring at the glow of a large CRT circa 2002 in a nondescript rundown building. Even though it’s a mild 70F outside, he still wears the […]


SEO Sabotage

I’ve heard of negative Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but never really seen it – until now. The gist of the concept is that you buy a bunch of spam web […]

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Email Templates Are Waste of Time

And no, this is not an April Fools’ joke. A few months ago, I received a newsletter from a prominent sales guru, Jeffrey Gitomer. The title was “Your E-mails Suck!”. […]

Web 2012

Every organization needs a website. However, the days of a 10 page site are over. Your website should be useful for customers and enticing for prospects. Maybe it’s time for a makeover? […]


10 Tips for LinkedIn Ranking

Why is your Virtual CIO telling management and staff about LinkedIn? Because LinkedIn is not the business version of Facebook to post your resume, it’s a business search engine to […]

Building Credibility

No, we’re not talking about low self-esteem issues. Building credibility means establishing a reputation for customers to buy or an audience to believe. It’s not an endeavor to take lightly and those […]