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Category: Cloud Computing

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InnoTech Oklahoma 2014 Cloud Facts

Jumbled business and technology glyphs over ominous sky pretty much says it all. No one really knows when the cloud started. Microsoft introduced Hotmail as the free web mail service in 1996. […]

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Personal Use Office 365

I often hear the same complaints: My ISP e-mail sucks. Maybe I should do that Carbonite thing to backup my files. A new copy of Microsoft Office costs how much? […]

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Publicizing Your Blog

There are those that can write and those that simply shoot themselves in the foot by re-posting some content from other sources as the “I’ve got a blog too” crowd. Now […]

Winter Ready

One day in late October, the day ended at 91 and then just like that the next morning it was freezing and the high was in the 50’s. Then the Northeast […]

Dead Zero

Here are two contrasting stories of network security for National Security Month. What follows, does not depict real events or persons.  In the business world, corporate data is protected by two separate, […]

Always Business Ready

Is your business ready for a tornado, flood, ice storm and now potentially earthquakes and even mundane fire? No matter what product or service your organization provides, customers expect you […]