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Category: Buying

Trade Secret Proposal Tips

Whether you’re a customer or a vendor, there are many undisclosed facts about proposals. The most protected truth is that the decision is already made and the game is rigged […]


Navigating The IBM Sales Approach

I’ve seen just about every sales approach from half a dozen industries over the last decade – some I’ve even tried myself. While we abandoned it in the early 90’s, the […]

Innotech Oklahoma Image

Innotech Oklahoma Technology Bubble

Innotech Okahoma for 2013 was the culmination of another technology bubble that’s already burst. The Cox Convention Center was a great venue, that with the matching Ford Arena will draw regional events […]

Technology Question Session

Questions Customers Should Really Ask

I can quickly tell when a prospect is serious and a good fit. You judge by the questions. It’s tough for customers as most potential vendors they see have no differentiating […]

Office Monkey

Disruptive One Year Contracts

I haven’t found that guy yet. He must be a slick Jerry Maguire type. Instead, maybe it’s a woman like the oracle character from the Matrix, who just “knows” what is […]

Technology Cost Display

Technology Costs Rise Over Time

There’s a popular myth perpetuating that the price of technology goes down over time. You can even hear it on Sirius from Paycom about how their technology is better and […]

No commitment graphic

No Contract No Commitment

No contract, no commitment is a business reality that means if there is no agreement then you should expect nothing. You read that right and let it sink in. We often […]

Microsoft Partner Network Logo

10 Things to Know About Microsoft Partners

With nearly 20 years of experience as a Microsoft Partner, clients and peers often don’t realize what the designation means: Everyone is a Microsoft Partner. That is an exaggeration, but […]

Dark History

Dark History of Oklahoma Informaton Technology

We’ll call it the Bobby McFerrin era of the “don’t worry, be happy” mid to late eighties. The Tulsa MicroAge franchise dominated the state-wide Oklahoma technology channel for hardware, software, and services. […]