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The Storytelling Technology Mastermind at Microsoft in Dallas on May 14-15, 2018 was created to help financial and professional service business owners stand out from the competition, while proving cybersecurity commitment to clients and prospects for just $197 per person.

The two biggest concerns of any business leader today is how to grow their firm and leverage required investments in cybersecurity beyond preventing catastrophic data breach and bankruptcy.

Are You Telling Your Story?

The basement computer room in college reminded me of Tom Hanks at the beginning of “Joe Versus The Volcano” with ancient fluorescent lights that hummed incessantly and put a depressing yellow-green hue on everything. I knew I loved computers, but this wasn’t going to cut it so I purchased one of the first XT computers with Microsoft DOS and Word.

The PC was a fortune at that time, but I quickly learned it was a wise investment. While everyone else spent hours and hours toiling in that awful dungeon, I typed my program in Word in an hour. Then tested the code via modem and made any error corrections in minutes using almost no mainframe time.

Over the next few years, Microsoft went from underdog beating IBM to huge fanfare of midnight launches like Windows 95. With the transition from founder Bill Gates to Steve Ballmer from 2000 to 2014, Microsoft was very profitable but seemed to lose some mojo. Just a year later, publications like Forbes and USA Today announced “Microsoft Is Cool Again”. Satya Nadella brought the vision back to making people productive on any platform – the other part of the magic was telling stories like 88 Acres.

Presented by Cyberist Kevin Fream and Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur

When you tell a story you’re really telling someone why you do what you do and who you really are. It’s not about selling and often you barely mention your products. Your personal story is unique, interesting, and relatable. Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur is a master at helping you tell your story as America’s most sought-after motivational and business speaker. Clint is the world’s expert on creating celebrity status with local TV and prestige speaking.

In 2015, the epidemic of ransomware began. It was devastating for clients because recovery was time consuming and costly. Reputations were being damaged and livelihoods lost. Cybercriminals were getting rich and the rest of the industry was profiting on misery by reselling more backup and disaster recovery products. To help protect clients, I created Overwatch® ransomware prevention and co-wrote the #1 Best-Selling cybersecurity book Easy Prey.

During this time, I met Clint Arthur at a marketing conference and he convinced me that I wasn’t doing enough and should be a spokesperson on network TV around the nation and major venues like Harvard, Nasdaq, Coca-Cola, and now Microsoft.

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Most business leaders I come across are literally following the crowd hoping their IT support has things handled and deciding to simply buy cybersecurity insurance. The problem is that the best defense is a good offense and most owners and management teams are unknowingly practicing WILLFUL NEGLECT that nullifies any insurance coverage. Worse yet, it’s rare to have anything to prove to their clients that they are serious about their privacy.

ONLY 60 seats are left and registration closes 5/11/2018

BONUS: Each attendee will receive a FREE copy of my new best-selling cybersecurity book Cyber Prey as well as FREE data breach and phishing training for their firm. $1,229 Value!

Special thanks to our Microsoft Team for making this event happen.

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