Kevin Fream Harvard Featured Speaker

Kevin Fream Presents Delta Method at Harvard

Kevin Fream Featured Speaker at Harvard

My grandparents were American fortitude. An Arkansas Marine Drill Sargent and Colorado farmer’s daughter combined with an Iroquois mechanic and New York cook. Dad was an electrical engineer and mom was Rosie-the-Riveter. Fast forward to today and it was an amazing honor to speak at Harvard.

Two years out of Tulsa University, I was the commencement speaker at Preston High School. You don’t truly understand how others perceive you or the things you’re doing at the time. When I asked why me instead of some more established professionals, it was pointed out that no alum from Preston Oklahoma had gone so heavily into technology or was flying around the nation consulting with Fortune 500 firms.

Over the years, I’ve presented hundreds of presentations from conference rooms to boardrooms and even theaters. However, speaking at Harvard was definitely a dream come true. Thank you to everyone at the Harvard Business Expert Forum for the overwhelming support and appreciation of my story!

Kevin Fream Shares Stage with Suzanne Somers

Kevin Fream and Suzanne SomersWhile at Harvard, I was able to share the stage with Suzanne Somers. No one would think that she was anywhere near 70 years old. Suzanne was incredibly genuine and shared how she started, as well as answering questions about her new book Tox-Sick: From Toxic to Not Sick. Like Suzanne says, it’s as if we are all on a big, chemical drunk, and the hangover is a killer.

She’s a brilliant lady with many amazing stories and antidotes, like always eating like an athlete for best health. I of course had to poll the crowd to ask how many guys had a Suzanne Somers poster on their bedroom wall back in the day.

It was also a treat to meet her husband Alan Hamel who happened to pick up a copy of my new #1 International Best-Seller, Revealing Secrets to Streamlining Technology. I signed a copy for him and was glad he got some instant value from just a few pages he read inside for help with his many enterprises.

Kevin Fream Available for Appearances

There are some people who seemingly and instantly become a celebrity or a leader in their industry. However, you really have to pay your dues and learn from successes and failures at all levels to be able to give back at the pinnacle of your career. I’ve been invited back to present at Harvard again next year and will also be a featured speaker at NASDAQ, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola over the next several months.

Please contact me if you need a featured speaker for your event!

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