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Leveraging Slideshare for Content Marketing

SEM Target GraphicHave you recently noticed that you often see a listing from Slideshare on the first page for many web searches? LinkedIn purchased Slideshare in May of last year for $119 Million. Making knowledge sharing easy through presentations, videos, and documents was a smart complimentary offering for the world’s largest business community.

After a public presentation, you’re invariably asked if the slides will be made available. How about publishing the presentation to over 400 million LinkedIn and Slideshare members, not to mention one of the top 1,000 most heavily trafficked websites in the world?

Here are the important things to know about Slideshare:

  • Post presentations, video, and documents
  • You reserve all rights to the files you upload
  • All content is mobile enabled from experts in 35 categories
  • Uploads include title and description fields for search
  • Use a colorful and interesting opening slide
  • Slide titles are transcribed so utilize keywords appropriately
  • Use links in presentations and definitely include a call to action
  • Focus on sharing and conversion as backlinks are no-follow
  • Click the share button to e-mail, embed, or link on other platforms

Most of my presentations are in a TED format, rather than the traditional bullet style. If you haven’t done so, you should map your professional journey.

You could simply file your presentations away on the file server or you could demonstrate your expertise over time as another business asset. Start leveraging Slideshare for content marketing.

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