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Backstory of Experience The Possible for Strategic Vision

Future VisionBackstory of Experience the Possible

Technology improvements for business are accelerating so fast that a dozen previously unknown concepts have been launched by the time you read this sentence. If you like understanding the “why” of technology, want a glimpse behind the scenes, and seek to leverage BUSINESS knowledge to beat your competitors  – then this post is for you.

Like Jeffrey Gitomer says, “Nobody likes to be sold, but everyone loves to buy”. Throughout the years, I’ve seen and experimented with virtually every type of sales process, function, and event. Fortunately, the world has changed. The paradigm is now about marketing, where customers research and investigate offerings before even talking to you.

That’s what I like about Experience The Possible and the Microsoft Experience Center (MEC). Unlike Microsoft Connections or Microsoft Events, there is nothing to sell. The concept is small groups of 10 of your business peers exploring new technology to understand how it could be applied to improve your bottom line. For a nominal $129 fee, attendees get 4 hours of Continuing Professional Education – using the latest devices and services to learn unique ideas to take back and apply to their business. There is no blathering about Matrixforce or Microsoft, endless slide presentation, or rocket science technical demo. My role as facilitator is simply to gather areas of interest and guide the group to discover new concepts. Any aha moments are recorded, as well as parking lot items for subsequent personalized scenarios discussions afterwards.

MEC Facilitator Bootcamp Qualification

After understanding that there is no sales pressure to endure, the second thing attendees should know is that not everyone can become a facilitator. You must be a seasoned business and technology professional, your firm should do significant Microsoft sales, and you must be nominated by your Partner Account Manager. Beyond those hurdles, you have to pay $1,500 and perform well enough in training to be approved as “qualified” by your instructor. Currently, there are less than 100 qualified facilitators in the nation and you must facilitate 6 events annually to remain qualified.

I thought the MEC training would be cake compared to passing dozens of 70% failure rate competency exams, deploying hundreds of projects, and presenting numerous sales presentations at various venues. WRONG.

There are nearly 400 pages of different scenarios. You are required to present a half-dozen video taped scenarios guiding 10 of your peers, Not only was there considerable evening preparation and morning setup, you also participated in talkback reviews of your sessions and other trainees. The biggest difference was a dramatic change in approach to guide people to discover for themselves versus demonstrating or giving all the answers.

MEC Facilitator Schedule

Register for Experience the Possible

Let’s ask a hard question. What’s your strategic vision of technology for competitive advantage that you haven’t read in a magazine or been told to you by the IT manager? Gaining some personal experience and insight from others is what this event provides for business leaders and management teams:

  • Test drive the latest devices and solutions through simulated daily scenarios.
  • Discover immediate competitive advantage, cost savings, and increased productivity.
  • Interactively role-play with 10 of your peers to compare business needs and processes.
  • Leverage a master facilitator with the trademark of streamlining technology for thousands of companies.
  • Spend just $129 to gain 4 hours of Continuing Professional Education to dramatically improve business.

Register for Session 1:  June 24, 2015  8AM – Noon

Register for Session 2: June 25, 2015  8AM – Noon

TechRidge Office Park – Osage Building
9726 East 42nd Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146

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