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Help Fight Webspam

Webspam is duplicate, malicious, misleading, or unintelligible web pages designed to harm or confuse visitors and manipulate search results. Webspam is becoming such a widespread problem, that it’s time for the general public to begin fighting back:

  1. When you see obvious manipulative or harmful web pages, report webspam to Google.
  2. To report paid links, you must have the URL of the website selling the links and the URL of the website buying links.
  3. If you still see objectionable content after enabling safesearch, report the URL of offensive content.
  4. For malware infected sites, report the URL of malicious software.
  5. For copyright issues, Google will only remove content from another Google service in violation of Google’s terms of service.
  6. You can request private information be removed from Google search, but the best course of action is contacting the webmaster directly.
  7. For phishing pages trying to get sensitive information, report the phishing URL.
  8. For content simply trying to rank higher on Google, click the report webspam button and enter the URL of the page and the search query.

Report Webspam

The web would be a safer and more relevant place, if everyone would report junk like:

  • Duplicate blog posts streamed from a service to thousands of websites
  • How to information that is blatantly wrong
  • Unintelligible pages with repeated gibberish
  • Competitors obviously manipulating search results

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