Hidden Truth

Revealing Secrets to Streamlining Technology Coming Soon

Hidden TruthCurrently, there is no book that helps business people navigate the complexity of technology, but it’s coming soon.

Much like the middle class, midsized businesses are getting squeezed. These organizations with more than 25 employees or $5 million in revenue pay more taxes than both small businesses and large enterprises. The midmarket carries the economy without the luxury of tax loopholes for big business and tend to be prosperous versus struggling entrepreneurs breaking even.

Midsized businesses also pay the most for technology – and they shouldn’t.

That concept stands alone. Let it sink in. Technology is the number four business expense after rent, payroll/benefits, and taxes. Yet, it is often misunderstood, ignored, or abdicated.

For certain, technology is a serious expense that generally gets shoved under accounting. Most business owners and management teams see technology as a mysterious and boring problem, often holding the business back with unexpected issues.

I have 25 years of experience supporting technology for the midmarket money wheel of industry: finance, professional services, energy, and manufacturing. The people I deal with are often owners or members of finance, operations, sales, or human resources. They desperately want to move to the organization to the next level, but can’t seem to break through the jargon or evaluate and select the right approach.

Often unknowingly, these same people are at war with Information Technology personnel, vendors, and absurdly the technology itself. Much of the midmarket is doomed to make the same mistakes over and over until they get lucky or waste away and are overtaken by more savvy competitors.

What most business people believe about managing and implementing technology is dated, broken, myth, and hype.

In law, you better excel at negotiation. Medicine is all about prevention and treatment. Finance depends upon leverage and regulation control. Energy thrives on distribution. Great manufacturing removes bottlenecks.

No matter what category, all of them depend upon secrets to streamlining technology. Look for this book in the coming months.

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