Year 2015

You Will Be Successful in 2015

Year 2015Success is a journey that is never easy and takes many tiny improvements over time. It’s a mindset of determination and action, with fearless forward movement despite failure or looking foolish.

Yes, another new year is here with the requisite resolutions. I like the new beginning. Just like waking up in the morning, I’m charged and alive. Even if I’m in pain or the previous day was horrific, there is a new day with a new perspective or another opportunity.

Last year, the mantra was “I will” and you finished the sentence. I of course had several and also put some milestones on the calendar. This year the trend seems to be “You are successful when …” and in stunning creativity I’ve combined them.

One of the gifts from my wife for Christmas this year was a matching shirt and shorts for the gym. She knew I’d appreciate the tagline of “Work over Wish” on the front of the shirt. Most of my competitors are out of shape. It’s not a dig as we sit at a desk with very long days and some of the most stress you can have. One of my goals for last year was “I will be Rocky I” and I lost 20 pounds, while gaining muscle and losing considerable inches. Who would have thought I could do an 800 pound leg press?

I got a trainer, worked out for 4-5 days per week at 5AM, and maintained a 1,400 – 1,800 high protein calorie diet. I’d never eaten egg whites in my life, but if you’re serious then truly commit and make a plan. It’s takes a 7,000 calorie deficit per week to lose 1 pound. Even with a healthy work ethic and past exercise knowledge, the transformation wouldn’t have been as dramatic without some outside help. Within 3 months, I was off blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. Today, I have a good balance of strength, speed, and endurance with 5 miles of cardio daily combined with strength training. I will be successful in 2015 when I become Rocky II and there definitely is a plan.

My second “I will” was increasing revenues by 20% and it is the same this year. For sure, it wasn’t easy but we created a marketing schedule for the year to generate the necessary leads to achieve the goal. The pleasant surprise was over 100% increase in profit. Some chiding by the board about sandbagging was probably justified, but customers had similar results streamlining technology and increasing sales with digital marketing.

Life is not all roses and there where three other “I will” statements that didn’t really happen: relieving jaw pain, calmer home environment, and closer family ties. You have to be careful what you wish as my daughter was having a new house built and her landlord terminated her lease, so the long time empty nesters got another family including a 150 pound Bullmastiff. My distant and last remaining elder Aunt Anna Mae died, but I got to reunite with my three remaining cousins. Orthodontics fell to the side with other things in life.

Here is my list for 2015:

  • I will be successful when my house is calm and not a source of anxiety.
  • I will be successful when I have jaw surgery and have braces removed.
  • I will be successful when I become Rocky II.
  • I will be successful when revenues are increased another 20%.
  • I will be successful when our marketing is on another planet.

Obviously, this list is personal and yours should be too. Some things take care of themselves. My daughter closes on her house this month and we’ve pretty much had to scuttle any extra stuff since downsizing from a larger home anyway. The surgery and orthodontics may take a couple of years and I’ve already shared plans for fitness and revenue. Most of our competitors rarely update their website or even have a blog. We want to offer such a better experience that there is no comparison – which is the fate of our customer’s competitors.

How will you be successful in 2015?

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