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Top 5 Things to Change About Your Home Page

Rising Star ImageIt’s 2014 and everyone should start to recognize and correct these common home page mistakes:

  1. Possibly the most boring, but also the most popular website color is blue. Why not try to be different?
  2. Stop bragging about Inc 5000, CRN 250, or popularity contests from past years. Even small firms can qualify with just $2 million in revenue for Inc or CRN and dated accolades scream tired and desperate.
  3. Ditch the blog posts that you and hundreds of other organizations re-post from the blog service. You’re fooling no one, just damaging your search results with duplicate content, and generally turning off prospects and customers.
  4. Ditto for removing the contrived testimonial from 4 years ago. It’s not believable to customers and they want to know what you’ve done lately.
  5. Change your home page more than once a year. That graphic carousel should be changed monthly. Get rid of the keyword stuffing with events, promotions, or how-to information.

The last point is probably the most jarring. It means you have to do marketing regularly to become a rising star. Otherwise, if you keep making the same mistakes above, your site is just more web spam to be ignored. Add some mundane social media updates and you’ll be sure to drive customers to your competitors.

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