9-11 Vigilance

9/11 Vigilance

9-11 VigilanceOn 9/11/2001, I was driving to Muskogee to implement Windows Terminal Services for the Veterans Administration Medical Center. My CFO called my cell and said Tower I had collapsed from a plane crash. During college, she was a nanny for a wealthy family in New York City. My mother’s family was from the Empire State and I often spent summers seeing the sites in NYC. Both of us were very familiar with the landmark and I really couldn’t process what she was saying.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the facility was in lockdown. Instinctively, I knew then that many of our freedoms had been taken. All vendors were released except HP and Matrixforce. It wasn’t an honor, but a matter of security expertise and all I really wanted was to go home too.

As the years continue to pass, Americans should be vigilant about preventing technology threats on 9/11. While the mainstream press covers a few sparse 9/11 tributes, we must especially not become complacent today:

  1. Remind staff to be weary of virus and phishing emails.
  2. Mass e-mails about 9/11 should NOT be opened or forwarded.
  3. Don’t provide passwords or sensitive information to unknown persons.
  4. Be skeptical of Internet posts and unknown websites.
  5. Technology pranks, jokes, or surprise audits are especially discouraged on this day.
  6. Pay close attention and report suspicious utility, communication, or police vehicles.

It’s important to remember those that died and reflect on the changes we have endured. Let’s be vigilant, but live without fear as our way of life is what terrorists seek to destroy.

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