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12 Reasons Not to Buy iPhone 6

Umbrella Corp iPhone 5The iPhone 6 announcement is just a few short hours away…

Sorry. I dozed off for a second.

Oh and iWatch will be announced too, even though watches are one of the things not to buy anymore because everyone has the time on their phone.

Two years later Apple catches up to the market with a larger screen size for the iPhone and continuously jeers at competitors, while today offering various Nokia colors.

Perceived prestige is gone, along with quality or technological advantage. Why would you pay more for less technology?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane that isn’t so pleasant and outline a dozen reasons not to buy the iPhone 6:

  1. You better hope the connectors for charging and communication haven’t changed like the previous iPhone 5.
  2. Let’s see if the antenna problems have been corrected or maybe you just hold iPhone 6 with your right hand.
  3. Bigger processor and more screen, there’s no way there will be another weak battery life problem.
  4. There can’t be any screen tint issues like previous models.
  5. Surely the new improved moisture sensors won’t invalidate the warranty when you simply set your iPhone in the drink tray.
  6. Will that infamously slow camera shutter keep you from capturing that important moment?
  7. You can buy some Beats instead of that tin sound on the iPhone.
  8. You won’t be able to reliably and effectively schedule meetings or know that you have all of your corporate mail for Exchange, because Apple insists on using their buggy ActiveSync from 2007.
  9. Your iPhone 6 will still operate slowly, especially when compared to Android or Windows Phone.
  10. iTunes randomly wipes all your data like before when you try to do an update.
  11. It may be too soon after the recent security breach, but Apple iCloud is a joke for security and privacy.
  12. iPhone 7 will be out next year and have the 5 things Apple already had developed and knows people want now.

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