Horse with No Name

Does Your Blog Have a Name?

Horse with No NameCue the music. The tin sounding voice starts and you just know it’s some cool rocker with the life experience of hard living. “You’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name …” or maybe the internet with a no name blog.

It screams apathy if your blog is your company name, domain name, or simply “blog”. You might as well be the same as everyone else. In the technology industry, the lazy just stream duplicate content across the web from They can’t put a name with the blog because it’s not theirs. To compound matters, the content is pretty basic and often has nothing to do with what those organizations really do.

Name your blog if you’re considering one for your business or have started a blog, but just not branded it. The last time I checked, there were several hundred million articles on naming your blog. Probably just a few dozen are actually relevant, but that’s a different topic. Naming your blog can be summarized into just a few points:

  1. Readable, pronounceable, and spellable
  2. Concise, unique, and memorable
  3. Descriptive and not generic keywords
  4. Personality, reader focused, and ever green

The first one is fairly obvious like Prince, who changed his name to a symbol and got lost in obscurity. Memorable is tough, but unique and concise are generally fairly easy. Your name should be for your readers that sets the tone, but gives you enough flexibility to change focus or expand content over time.

Absurdly, most articles about naming blogs are either on nameless or hapless blogs. This blog’s name is Adroit. Beyond the clever definition, it’s easy to read, say, and spell. Adroit is a relatively unique name as any other similar named blogs are sparse or long abandoned. The tagline of “Virtual CIO and Digital Marketing Blog” is used to tell readers specifically what the content is about. Adroit kind of sounds technical while short and almost playful. It’s a name that will hopefully last for a long time.

Now lock in that blog name. (You can even announce it as one of your blog posts.)

Cue the music. Lynard Skynard begins to wail “What’s your name …”

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