Seasons Greetings

Virtual CIO Favorite Posts 2013

Seasons GreetingsIt’s almost Christmas and I’m alternatingly procrastinating and anxiously looking forward to the holidays.  Although the actual year-end statistics will be provided by WordPress soon, the following posts are my favorites for 2013:

  1. Microsoft Jolts The World (January 2013) – While pundits have been caught unaware over the last decade, Microsoft has completed an integrated platform from entertainment to productivity, poised to dominate many segments.
  2. Lent the Press Release Forever (February 2013) – The whole thing is simply a brag and about as sexy as your grandmother’s girdle.
  3. Ironic Belligerent Service Requests (March 2013) – Frustration and some venting are understandable. Outlandish statements and unreasonable complaints are not.
  4. 5 Technology Business Owner Realities (April 2013) – Jump in. The water is fine. Don’t mind the sharks and maybe you won’t drown.
  5. Trademark Skinny (May 2013) – The short version about registering trademarks and definitely get an attorney.
  6. Technology Costs Rise Over Time (June 2013) – Paycom is banking on new customers improving their margins more than anything about technology.
  7. Questions Customers Should Really Ask (July 2013) – It’s great to follow common conventions, but everyone appreciates quickly qualifying the best customer and vendor fit.
  8. Biased Self Promotion Backlinks (August 2013) – Google has gone from a backlink being a vote for website authority to simply who has the most traffic and content is now listed highest.
  9. Check The Requirements Forrest (September 2013) – The number one mistake in technology that’s made continuously is failure to check requirements.
  10. Horrific Technology Expectations (October 2013) – Pick any technology project and various camps have their own agenda.

Happy Holidays!


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