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Twitter Bootstrap
There is so much that happens in technology that the general public doesn’t realize. Twitter Bootstrap is one of those new (first released in 2011) and little known technologies. It has nothing to do with tweets or business startups. Instead it is revolutionizing websites and many organizations today are beginning to utilize this new paradigm:

  1. Mobile first. The concept means all pages are automatically sized from large displays down to tablets and the small screens on smartphones. Menu options are also toggled into a list for mobile devices.
  2. Standard set. Much like Microsoft set the standard for putting applications in “program files”, Twitter has defined standard names for sections of the page, common styles, and class objects. Now web development is more consistent and easier to maintain across any platform. The current version is 3.0 and new features are sure to be added each year.
  3. Sticky Header or Footer. Since it’s common to have the navigation fixed at the top of the screen, users can always quickly switch to another page and footers no longer need redundant menu links.
  4. Responsive and stylized images. Images automatically grow and shrink with the different sized displays and difficult graphic effects like rounded corners and circles are now one simple command.
  5. Nimble and dynamic. Websites are never done and now Twitter Bootstrap allows organizations to quickly deploy and change web presence for any event or customer need.

Legacy web designers and graphic artists have voiced backlash against Twitter Bootstrap as too confining and all the sites looking the same. Many initial Twitter Bootstrap sites do simply have a plain black or white menu. However, theme sites like Wrapbootstrap show how varied and attractive such sites can be, while adding incredible usage and functionality. Make plans now to convert your websites to Twitter Bootstrap in 2014 or you may risk looking dated and unuseable in this fast-moving mobile era.

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