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YouTube removed anonymous pseudonyms for commenters and now requires a Google Plus account. From the uproar and petition of over 100,000 people, you’d think this change was damaging. However, the issue is not about privacy, but rather SPAM.

No courage or integrity is required to type some drivel, hate, or nonsense as an anonymous comment. Google is simply cleaning up its act and making YouTube a safer and more thoughtful place. Yes, a Google Plus account is required as it will be the main access to all Google services, just like a Live ID for Microsoft or iTunes account for Apple.

If you think it is exposure to have your thoughts and opinions linked with your identity, then maybe you’ll take more care in expressing yourself. Starting with the first computers, every interaction was recorded. Currently, that concept is just magnified in each device, room, vehicle, and street corner. If you try to live off the grid like the Amish, you’re still on record for taxes and unwittingly captured by cell cameras and satellite feeds.

The thoughts in your mind are the only true privacy today. If you create a pseudonym, aren’t you by definition doing something illicit?

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, then quickly followed by Christmas. Let’s be thankful that the digital world is becoming a better place, where everyone takes responsibility for their actions by name. Sure, there will be discourse and humor and all matters in between. However, for certain, your online activity is being recorded and may be retrieved or republished by others.

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