Nokia Lumia 920

Technology Expert Explains Why I Carry A Nokia Lumia 920

For about 10 months, I’ve carried the Nokia Lumia 920 – far before the Ballmer resignation and Microsoft restructure, or the Nokia purchase by Microsoft. If the public saw my phone, they would ask “what is that?” with an amused smile or genuine surprised curiosity. Any utterance of the words “Microsoft” or “Windows” and the response was usually just a stunned “oh”.

Nokia Lumia 920My previous phone had been a Samsung Focus II, but Samsung CEO Hyun was apparently stalled on Windows Phone 8. Throughout the years I’ve carried virtually every manufacturer of cell and smartphone, but the times were changing with legacy players like Motorola making a comeback. A decade ago, Nokia dominated the cell phone industry and was renowned for reliability. While the Nokia Lumia 920 had the best comparable technical specifications, I really picked it for non-technical reasons of ease of use, dependability, and speed. Other devices have been released with hardware improvements since my purchase, but the device still wins for real-world reasons. I tend to zig while most people zag, not worrying about cool or hip, and usually jump to likely outcomes before taking action. These opinions are my own, based upon no motive for compensation or derision toward any other device or manufacturer.

Ease of Use: After working with various software and virtually any kind of system, the last thing I really want to do is spend any amount of time tinkering with my phone.

  • The big screen and big tiles are easy on the eyes.
  • Only the On, Camera, and Volume buttons. No confusing toggle controls.
  • Start screen can be customized to the what I need in seconds versus downloading software and spending a couple of hours customizing Android at-a-glance features.
  • Live tiles and lock screen notification are much better than a notification light that is constantly blinking or a single notification area that is difficult to figure out why you’re being notified.

Dependability: It just works.

  • If you want to strike fear into the hearts of Android or iPhone users, just ask them to update their phones with long complicated processes or the frequent loss of data. I update my Windows Phone driving down the road with one press of a button and no issues afterwards.
  • E-mails, calendar items, and contacts all sync seamlessly. No frequent duplicate messages or missing meeting appointments like the iPhone.
  • From off-roading in Cozumel to the daily bump/drop and grind going to see clients, the phone is very durable and I don’t have to worry about invalidating the warranty if I put it in the drink tray or take it to the gym.

Speed: Who really wants to go slower?

  • Operation is fluid with no lag of iPhone or hangs of Android.
  • One button camera shots even with the phone locked, take better pictures than my previous iPhone or Android.
  • Office Mobile and PDF Reader are built-in so you don’t have to have an App for that.
  • Save your files to your SkyDrive or have secure access to any of your company’s files with a click of a button. No Dropbox app or what’s my iTune account, even though most of the things you do on your phone have nothing to do with music.
  • Xbox games give you plenty of action with more choices than Apple or Google and yes you can still play Angry Birds.
  • Unless it’s a very specific niche, there is an App for that from “Name That Tune” to interesting things like your favorite police scanner. Weightwatchers, if you’re listening, my wife tells me every day how she can’t believe you’re 5 years behind in technology and don’t have a Windows app.

Sure, a couple of years ago people would snicker about a Windows Phone and blindly follow the other lemmings to the mall, that they previously only went to at Christmas for the Apple Store. Now, no one is laughing as it’s difficult to argue with better technology that is easier and faster to use – and oh by the way less expensive too. After all, virtually everyone reading this post connects to Windows networks and applications everyday. If it’s time to consider a new phone, smart money is now Windows and you may be able to take advantage of extra deals with the Microsoft Buyback program.

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