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Google Plus Evolution Continues

Future VisionWhile many critics were quick to pan the service, Google Plus continues evolution with just over 300 million users. Anyone who wants their author picture to show up in search results from their blog or website should definitely complete the contributor section, as described in WordPress.com Google Authorship.

Unlike Facebook where it seems you should share every facet of your life, Google Plus is about seeing and sharing content:

  • One oddity is the huge full page cover photo. Use a high resolution custom picture and fortunately only a portion is regularly shown on profiles. You scroll up to see the whole image.
  • Privacy is easy. Hit the pull down in the upper right on your profile to view as yourself or the public.
  • Three column scan. Browse for interesting updates in seconds.
  • What’s hot trends. If you’re tired of the scripted announcements, violence, fear, and loathing perpetuated by main-stream media, check out what’s really going on.
  • Specific communities.  Follow your interests and with the like-minded or your target audience.
  • Hangout on air. Slim down now for that webcam and use good lighting, as you can now broadcast your own show or event. What would your competition think about that?

This post by no means is a full rundown on Google Plus, but just a glimpse that most people may not know.

Kevin Fream on Google Plus

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