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Critical LinkedIn Profile Tip of 2013

LinkedIn LogoA great deal has changed since publishing 10 Tips for LinkedIn Ranking at the end of 2011. While the bulk of those tips still apply, most people aren’t adding content links to their Summary and Experience. LinkedIn dropped Twitter integration and a myriad of Apps. However, integration was added and the ability to include content links in main sections.

That means when you publish a blog post, that compelling title automatically hits your LinkedIn status. If you have an interesting featured image, then your status may actually be something people want to see. Now what if you took that same strategy with the rest of your profile?

Sure, you’ve got a summary written in first person, along with keyword reader interests and even a call to action. Experience is first person too with a sentence about the employer and your keyword value as well. The problem is that it’s just a sea of text with nothing memorable.

When you add that content link to a video or web page with an attractive image, you are different and adding interesting value. In fact, I’ve removed many of the old sections that don’t offer content links. My LinkedIn profile has a much cleaner and more interesting look.

Start adding some content links and stand out from the masses.

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