Defiance Season 1 2013 Syfy Poster

Defiance Social Advisor

Defiance Season 1 2013 Syfy PosterOn April 2, Defiance launches on Xbox Live and the television series premieres on Monday 9pm Eastern on April 15th on Syfy. This ground breaking event will be the first ever interaction of gaming, social media, and television. As your Virtual CIO, my firm will begin offering Defiance Social Advisor services in conjunction with existing content marketing services.

Defiance brings the opportunity to market your products and services to the largest base of gamers and television viewers in the world. With the storyline evolving based upon what happens in virtual reality and the TV show, interaction is always fresh and innovative. Unlike other social media about status updates or photos and videos, your actions in the game is your content and your reputation. The same is true of your clan, if various employees play for the organization.

If you missed out on Twitter or the current darling Pinterest, you’ll definitely want to get in on the ground floor with Defiance. Not only will you want to have a policy for Defiance with your staff, but a strategy on how to use all the great content with your brand. The possibilities are endless: logo and promotions on each Arkhunter, clan status updates to Facebook and Twitter of triumphs and good deeds, action videos from Defiance for your marketing on YouTube, and Defiance meme for your blogs.

Look for further details on this blog soon for this revolutionary opportunity to move your business to the next level.

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