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Ironic Belligerent Service Requests

ironic faceThese scenarios are fictional:

A woman goes to the doctor. As soon as the doctor walks into the room, she immediately says “I’m deathly ill again. Can’t you do anything right?”

A man calls his attorney. “I’m being sued. You better know what you’re talking about and worth the money, because I already Googled the case law.”

A woman visits her accountant. “You jerk! The IRS is auditing me. What did you do to my books?”

Most of you reading this would wonder about the wisdom of antagonizing the professional people you contact for help. If you see nothing wrong with the scenarios above, then this post is for you.

It’s just three months since Christmas and Easter is coming soon. Whether you are religious or not, there is still this thing called right and wrong – and most definitely a proper way to act. So why do you think it’s ok to act so rudely to your IT people?

Who do you think you are, saying you’ve lost time at work and blaming the IT people? It makes about as much sense as saying “I lost several hours of my day because my car broke down and the mechanic did it”. Google all you want. No telling if that information is relevant, you understand it, or like in most cases there are processes and procedures to follow before you even get to that answer. When you really want to inspire someone, gripe about how much they make and how you demand immediate assistance for something that you should know how to do.

Frustration and some venting are understandable. Outlandish statements and unreasonable complaints are not. Try googling the Golden Rule.

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