Oscars Content Marketing

OscarsNo I didn’t go or watch. The point is that every WEEK is your opportunity to roll out the red carpet and provide a spectacle for your prospects and customers. Traditional sales and marketing won’t save you: smile and dial cold call techniques, direct mail or e-mail campaigns, Yellow Pages or billboard approach, and not even Google AdSense or Bing Ads. Old approaches will just drive you further under, just ask J.C. Penney as the most recent example.

Any sales person will tell you that it’s nearly impossible to contact someone with SPAM filters, voice mail, and gate keepers. Buying habits have changed and prospects expect to easily find you on the web, learn and evaluate, and then they will contact you. This is generally where the masses checkout and go find that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company and buy some backlinks.

Well, it’s not called SEO any more. Those companies have to figure out how to change their name and throw away manipulation tactics. If you want to win more customers and beat the competition today, you’ll have to take some queues from the Oscars:

  1. Schedule like clockwork. Sure, the Oscars are just once a year, but movies are released around certain holidays or seasons of the year. Social media updates should be daily, new blog articles weekly, website changes no less than monthly.
  2. Show some glamour. Always add a graphic. Put some extra flair to all of your content. Look at what others are doing and decide not to be boring.
  3. Take some risks. Not everything you do will be well received. Avoid offensive or distasteful, but think out of the box and try different things.
  4. Publicize with content. A funny one-liner or provocative update now and then is fine. However, you should really have a teaser sentence with a link to your article, event, video, or podcast.
  5. Have a hero or story. We all have our favorite actors or storylines. Give your audience a cause or entertain and your approach will be much more memorable.

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