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First in Google is NOT the Goal

First Ribboon ImageIn life, your goal is spiritual enlightenment. Now that you’re startled and starting to think, being first in Google is NOT the goal of your website. The goal of your website is to educate, entertain, or sell – possibly it’s all three. If your web site is not really relevant or it is relevant but has little to offer and people bounce as soon as they’ve seen it, then being first in Google is worthless.

Your site has to look appealing. What you do must be instantly obvious. No one cares how great you think your business is or puts much stock in the easily faked testimonials. Your site is for your audience and what you can offer them. You want them to click-through to other content, respond to a call to action, come back regularly, and contact you. Stop drinking your own Kool-aid and think about what your audience wants and how what you offer is different from the competition. Now you’re starting to get the picture. What is required is a triple combo of compelling content marketing for your audience, effective calls to action and conversion, and then the advertising for search engines.

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