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Network Administrator Pay

***Updated for 2015

Value ComparisonMost Oklahoma employers and technology employees are out of touch with current technology trends or changes in required staffing and associated compensation. The trend is fewer IT people per employer, along with shrinking technology infrastructure due to cloud computing and offerings like Virtual CIO and Managed Services.

While every major staffing firm or industry trade magazine has a salary guide, the problem is that sample size is small and the participants and publishers have a vested interest in making sure the salaries are high with no verification of real wages.

The right way to determine what to pay and expect for a position is listed at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) by state. The following shows the average pay for individuals with 7-10 years experience in Oklahoma:

Position # Jobs Mean Hourly
Network Administrator 2,500 $67,690 $32.55
Computer Network Specialist 1,270 $59,940 $28.22
Computer Support Specialist 7,070 $43,370 $20.85

You can verify this information and check other Computer and mathematical positions for Oklahoma at the BLS. These figures do not include bonuses or benefits such as healthcare and individuals job duties with the above titles often varies drastically. In Oklahoma and throughout the nation, the technology industry is schizophrenic with some very good people making low wages and nominally skilled ones raking in above average salaries. Because it is a competitive industry, most employers find it difficult to retain technical employees for 1-2 years – most employers provider no training, measurement of performance, management, or significant room for advancement to technology employees.

For the reasons just above and given the average additional cost of 30%  for taxes and benefits, most employers under 300 employee are electing to outsource technology support to a managed service provider.

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