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Publicizing Your Blog

There are those that can write and those that simply shoot themselves in the foot by re-posting some content Technorati Logofrom other sources as the “I’ve got a blog too” crowd. Now that you’ve started and gotten a few posts published, it’s time to publicize your blog. The whole reason you started a blog was to educate, entertain, and motivate your audience. You picked some categories for topics that fit with your marketing strategy and knew blogging was an easy way to add content and links for your website.

Now you need to:

  1. Make sure you’ve added the widget for readers to follow your blog getting an e-mail with each submission.
  2. Add social media bookmarking icons so readers can publicize the posts they like Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  3. Claim your blog on Technorati (the leading blog search engine) by creating an account, select Claim Blog under Profile at upper right, enter the blog information, and add the generated claim number to your next post such as B655RVYJY4DF.
  4. Post links to your blog articles on social media sites you use.
  5. Submit your blog RSS Feed to free top ranked RSS Directories.

Finally, keep writing. Your audience wants more and the more content you add increases your credibility and the likelihood of organic user links to your site.

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