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Divergent Entrepreneur Without Selling Fear

Usual Approach to Business and Technology is Flawed

As the Divergent Entrepreneur, the “common” approach toward business and technology is horribly broken. That’s why I invented the patent-pending Delta Method to streamlining technology for financial and professional service firms that reduces complexity and avoids risk – with no motivation to sell product or bill by the hour. Less stuff to buy means less to maintain and a lower attack-plane for cybersecurity. Combine starting with the end or results in mind, without unnecessary bureaucracy to improve a process is just a win-win for everyone.

Courage to Deviate

In the brightest day, in the darkest night,
No evil will escape my sight, let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware my power, Green Lantern’s Light!

He was always my favorite superhero. Green Lantern wasn’t as cool as Superman or Batman, but he was clever and rhymed. He also seemed to just know things. Green Lantern could fly and do everything other superheroes could do. However, kryptonite didn’t get him down and loud noises didn’t confuse him. His only weakness was when he felt fear.

I was born six weeks premature, weighing barely four pounds. I could easily fit within the palm of my father’s hand. You always hear, “Oh I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl. I just want it to be healthy and have all of its fingers and toes” – but I didn’t look like other kids and I didn’t have all of my fingers.

I experienced harsh ridicule from an early age. However, I knew my handicaps were nothing compared to my cousin Mark with muscular dystrophy wearing braces just to walk or his friends in a wheelchair who were often called retarded – and all of them were told they would die before 15.

In pre-school, I watched how the other kids wrote so I picked up the pencil in my “good” left hand. With a loud clap, the head master immediately smacked my hand thunderously saying “WE ONLY WRITE RIGHT-HANDED HERE!” That’s when I knew I had to work harder than most people while doing things differently.

If you’re a fan of the film A Christmas Story with Ralphie as the main character, then you should know that was me every afternoon running home screaming after school from my arch nemesis Billy. He was a fourth grader twice my size who would tackle me leaving grass stains and holes in the knees of my pants – once even stealing my new belt. One day I don’t know why but I thought “why am I afraid”, so I stopped and lunged at him to his surprise. He rolled over on top of me and I threw off. When we got up I hit him one-two in the nose and eye.

That’s when I learned that I was stronger than most and that you have to have courage to act. I also learned that even though I never ran home again, it gave me no pleasure or satisfaction because it’s easy to hurt anyone.

That’s my approach with clients. I come at you with out-of-the-box different and unconventional ideas. I work harder than my counterparts for my clients and I believe cybersecurity is scary enough without selling fear. How we make our money is more important than how much money we make. Have courage to improve your understanding of cybersecurity, take action, and most importantly protect those around YOU!

Are You Divergent?

Hey! I’m Kevin Fream, Matrixforce CEO, #1 best-selling author of Streamlining Technology, and cybersecurity expert featured at Harvard, Nasdaq, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and TV news shows all over the country. I help financial and professional service firms reduce complexity and avoid risk using the patent-pending Delta Method. What gets me excited is when business owners understand that cybersecurity can be used for competitive advantage.

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